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Social constructivism suggests that language learning is based on our interactions with others in particular contexts. This means that language […]
Sportsman with medal
The phrase “positive reinforcement” is best known for its association with operational behaviorism. You all know the story of the […]
Artificial intelligence has made huge leaps forward in the area of language processing. There are already quite a lot of […]
Would you like to learn a language without spending time on grammar training? Or would you prefer to focus on […]
For most English language learners, speaking like a native speaker is their main goal. Their perception of “authentic English” and […]
Agile learning is a flexible way to learn English with minimum viable learning outcomes. You have probably heard of Agile […]
This is an interesting question which depends entirely on your level of English. If you are studying English at a […]
One of the most important aspects to planning language training is good needs analysis. Traditionally language teachers/trainers ask their students […]
In recent years, several different titles have been adopted in the field of second language education, and the differences between […]
Rory Braddell
This is my very first blog post! The first in a series of blog posts on I will cover […]