I offer tailor-made courses for all your language needs. My training focuses on the actual requirements of the learner, so course objectives are determined by identifying key areas of need through both needs analysis and client consulting. Individual training plans focus on the main functional skills required by the student in his/her professional life.

Course content covers a wide range of topics from wide variety of up-to-date sources and published English language training materials. Further components in the area of English for Special Purposes (ESP), such as technical, financial or legal English, are available on request. The topics are real life themes from business life and work. Authentic training materials are used from newspapers, TV and radio, or actual business reports or other work related sources. The focus is on specific vocabulary relating to the student’s work area, and the development of the related communication skills, such as small talk, presentation and negotiation.

Courses usually take place onsite, at the client’s offices. If you would like to book a course or discuss English training for your company, please contact me.